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YES! You CAN use PC or cell phone headset
with your Cisco IP phone

Do you have Cisco IP phone and looking for a headset? Are you wondered, why "specialized" headsets are so expensive? We are.

A special headset for Cisco IP phone can cost you a hundred dollars or more. However, the same or even better quality headset for a cell phone will cost you 3-4 times less. So, why not to use them instead?

Our invention allows you to connect a mobile phone headset
with 2.5mm plug to your cisco 7940, 7960, and 7970 ip phone. Guaranteed.

Yes, the same headset you use with your mobile phone. Moreover, if you don't have one, you have a great opportunity to pick one you really desire.

In addition to great savings on the headset itself, there are number of other benefits:

Check out our products page for prices and designs.


Mobile Headset Adapter


iPhone Headset Adapter


PC Headset Adapter



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