Cisco Headset Adapter You can use standard cell phone headset with Cisco IP phone
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PC Headset Adapter for Cisco 7940 IP phone

PC headset adapter for Cisco 7940 IP phone transforms a standard computer headset, which you may buy anywhere, to one that fits Cisco IP phone. Select any PC headset with audio plugs, and use as your Cisco headset. Compatible with Cisco 7940, 7960, as well as with newer Cisco IP Phones. • Not compatible with Cisco/Linksys SPA phones. • Not compatible with USB computer headset.
Cisco Headset Adapter for PC Headsets


  • Manufacturer: Headset Adapter Co.
  • Model#: CHA-PC-4
  • UPC Code: 0797734163544
  • Headset Type: PC Multimedia Headset
  • Headset Connector: Dual 3.5mm audio plugs
  • Phone Connector: RJ9 Modular Plug
  • Adapter length: 4 feet


  • In stock


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